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“I’ve just read through Kelly’s book Social Anxiety to Social Success and I was blown away. Kelly talks openly and honestly about her own struggles with anxiety and manages to give well thought out, structured advice which comes from her own experience. Getting advice from someone who knows exactly how I feel is so comforting because often therapists and doctors don’t understand how hard it can be live with social anxiety. 

I’ve been writing about anxiety for years, and even I learned new things about myself form her book. I noticed things I’ve been doing without even realising, but now I’ve got the knowledge to correct those behaviours thanks to Kelly.

I thought I was the only one who hated answering the phone and talking to strangers, but Kelly offers worksheets and a plan to help gradually work towards doing these things at my own pace.

Hands down my favourite bonus is the list of conversations starters, including examples of how to deal with awkward silences and how to leave a conversation. If you have social anxiety you NEED to read this book!”

Fiona Likes To Blog